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LOVERS OF THE OCEAN! 🦑 My popular prints, BOTH “THE NIGHT TRAWLER” & “THE NIGHT TRAWLERS”, Now sold together in a two-piece collection. Both are signed by the artist. These are very finely detailed Giclee reproductions.


Very detailed - Precision reproduction color that will last 100 years, sharp imagery.

"THE NIGHT TRAWLER " by R.S. Connett © 2008

"THE NIGHT TRAWLERS" by R.S. Connett © 2011

Each print is also available individually in this shop. Search by title: NIGHT TRAWLER

IMAGE SIZES: THE NIGHT TRAWLERS is 32" x 23" (81.28 cm. X58.42 cm.) and THE NIGHT TRAWLER is 19" x 24" (48.3 cm x 61.0 cm). Both reproductions are printed upon a sheet of heavy Bright White Archival paper capable of lasting over 100 years.


These prints are Signed by the Artist on the IMAGE, NOT on the white outer border of the print. NOTE: The prints can be signed on the outer white border if you request it in notes at checkout. HOWEVER, this will give your framer fewer color choices for the matte because the white border will need to be exposed to show the signature.

These Heavy Paper Giclee reproductions are printed on 100% acid-free, 255 gsm paper, 18ML, .02 inch thickness. It's thick and feels solid to the touch. Thicker paper allows for the use of more ink, and more ink creates a deeper, richer print. The inks I use will not fade for 100 - 200 years according to the manufacturer. The finish is Semi-Gloss, (aka: "LUSTER").

Framing instructions will be included with the print and my shipping correspondence.

Shipping Time: These are usually shipped to you within a few days.

PAPER PRINTS ARE SHIPPED ROLLED. I guarantee that your art will reach you in perfect condition. I will replace any print damaged or lost in shipping free of charge. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money will be refunded.

THE STORY & INSPIRATION FOR THE NIGHT TRAWLERS: In the year 1958, when I was 7 years old, my father would wake me before dawn to go fishing in the Ocean. We would drive through the foggy San Francisco streets to MUNI PIER where we would buy bait wrapped in yesterdays newspaper, and drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. He moored an old inboard with a cabin there. To my young eyes it was a Ship! As the first false dawn light began to color the world, we would board with our gear. Trembling with the morning chill, breathing out hot steam, he'd start the engine. The smell of gasoline, bait and salt water is an indelible memory.

We made slowly out the jetty and into the S.F. Bay and then under the Golden Gate bridge. Past a fearful patch of rough water called the “Potato Patch” lay the beautiful blue waters of Marin County. We would skirt the shore, find a still cove and drop anchor. These coves were always surrounded by high cliffs with wild trees shaped by the winds overhanging the edges. The Cliffs were natural wind breaks. The water was a thousand variations of blue, from deep black to azure, and still as a mirror. The smell was pine forest mixed with salt water, morning sun and exhaust fumes.

My fingers would tremble while I set my hooks and sinkers. We would sit side by side in plastic lawn chairs as the boat gently swayed in the calm morning water. The fog would begin to clear in spots and open golden holes in the sky and fingers of light pierced the water all around us. What fish we caught! I never knew what denizen of the deep I might pull from those waters! Things that I was sure no one had ever seen before! Huge green-purple kelpfish with bulging eyes and fins that looked like seaweed! Some were covered with tiny slithering worms and jittering crustaceans. There were Leopard Sharks with beautiful black and brown spots. Fish that looked like futuristic cylindrical space ships, Crabs, jellyfish! Once, a great white shark as big as our boat! It was a sensory feast for a young boy! My favorite times were slow and silent. When our lines made the only ripple upon the water. The only sound was the soft lapping of the dark water against our boat and the sound of gulls.

This was the beginning of a lifelong fascination and yearning for the oceans, and all natural water in the wild.

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